How to Create the Ultimate Sleep Environment

How to Create the Ultimate Sleep Environment

Tips for Choosing the Right Bedding and Accessories

What does the word “ultimate” conjure up in your mind? It makes our senses come alive with possibilities, doesn’t it? The dictionary describes it as “the best or most extreme of its kind.” 

Don’t we crave the ultimate sleep, but find it elusive at times? Let’s dive deep to discover the best tips for getting sleep to the max! Landing the ideal solutions for creating the ultimate sleep environment is easier than you might imagine, but you may be wondering where to start. 

Let’s consider these five pointers for a successful sleep environment, including how to choose the right bedding and accessories: 


Sleep in a completely dark room, free from distracting noises: 

Did you know you sleep more deeply in a dark room, free from all light exposure? Light tricks your mind into thinking it is daytime. Black-out curtains, eye masks, and turning off all lights make this possible. Consider using a white-noise machine to mask sleep-disrupting sounds.


Turn off blue light devices several hours before bed:

Research from Harvard Medical School has proven that exposure to blue light keeps you awake by increasing your alertness and inhibiting the production of melatonin, a hormone that assists in sleep. Set a timer to help you remember to turn off all devices several hours before bed and consider wearing blue-light-blocking glasses while using devices during the day and early evening.


Set a regular sleep/wake cycle routine:

We tend to stay up too late or we don’t have a consistent sleep routine. The circadian rhythm, or the sleep/wake cycle, of our bodies thrives best on a regular bedtime, which allows you to wake up when rested. We can actually wake up without an alarm when we get enough restorative rest. 


Pick the perfect pillow: 

It is so important to have the right pillow for good sleep. If your pillow is too flat, too fluffy, or maybe just worn out, consider purchasing a new one to elevate your rest. Here are some tips on how to make your ideal selection.


Invest in a new mattress - the foundation for a good night’s sleep: 

We often don’t prioritize our bedding budget or don’t realize that the mattress we are sleeping on could be negatively impacting our good night’s sleep. We want the most comfortable office chair or the most cozy, comfortable couch for watching TV or spending time with our family and friends, but what about the mattress quality for the place we spend 7-9 hours each night? Lux Life talks about why a high-quality mattress will help support a good night’s sleep, which keeps you happy and healthy for your work, your family, and your personal dreams and aspirations. 


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