Collection: Adjustable Bases

What if you took the best features of your favorite comfy recliner and put them in your bed? That’s exactly what a power adjustable base does. 

Instead of propping yourself up with pillows and blankets, you can simply click a button on the remote control and raise your head or your feet. Sit up all the way to watch TV, use your laptop or read. (Did you know that 61% of Americans under 45 bring their laptops or tablets to bed?) Sit up just a little to help reduce snoring (some models can respond to snoring automatically). Raise your feet to relieve tired legs and feet. One more push of a button and the bed goes flat for a great night’s sleep.

Even better, you can get a power base that allows you and your partner to adjust each side of the bed individually. That way you can stay up and finish bingeing that show while your partner goes to sleep. A regular flat bed can’t do that.

With brands like Sealy and TEMPUR-Ergo, these power bases are built with quality and reliability you can trust. Try one at your local El Paso or Las Cruces Mattress Firm store and experience a new level of comfort. Once you go adjustable, you’ll never want to go back.