Collection: Box Springs

The box spring may be one of the most misunderstood – and most important – parts of getting a good night’s sleep. Box springs have come a long way over the years with new materials and technological advancements that help them work better than ever.

There are three important jobs a good box spring must do. First and foremost is providing support. The box spring provides a solid foundation for your new mattress. It helps absorb shocks and can extend the life of the mattress by providing additional support.

Job number two is to promote cooling airflow. Modern mattresses are designed to help you sleep cooler and more comfortably. The box spring works with the mattress to provide airflow across the bottom of the mattress that keeps you cool.

Third, the box spring brings the mattress up to the perfect height for you. Many of our box springs are available in different sizes so you can customize your mattress to the desired height to make getting in and out of bed as comfortable as sleeping it.

Mattress experts in all of our 15 El Paso and Las Cruces area stores can help you select the perfect box spring to go with your new mattress.