The Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses: Why They're a Popular Choice

The Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses: Why They're a Popular Choice

Why Memory Foam Mattresses Are The Popular Choice

Craving a soft, hugging sensation that molds to the shape of your body for effortless sleep? You can have it all plus quiet, restorative rest, in a stylish, hypoallergenic bed.

Discover these popularity-boosting, dream-come-true advantages of memory foam mattresses.

The Comfort Factor

Indulge in bedding that actively conforms to your unique body shape, giving the impression of being wrapped in a hug. Well-known for reducing pressure points, and allowing for the realigning of your bones, you'll enjoy an even distribution of your body weight for supportive, optimal sleep with memory foam.

A Fashion Statement 

You’ll be the envy of your friends and neighbors. The trendy platform bed and the adjustable bed frame eliminate the need for a box spring and are ideal with a memory foam mattress. Create a high-style, sleep-oasis with a sleek contemporary, timeless traditional, or old-world antique design, using metal, wood, or upholstered platforms, and mattress height options from 8” to 14”. 

Quiet and Undisturbed Sleep 

Longing for restorative and quiet sleep, especially when sharing your bed with a partner or pet? The secret to memory foam is isolating the motion between partners, eliminating the tossing and turning that causes sleep disruption. Memory foam is also the quietest bedding option on the market, removing the noises that can occur with a standard mattress.

Goodbye to Dust Mites

Allergic to dust mites? The fibers and density of a polyurethane foam mattress discourage dust mites from collecting inside your mattress, as opposed to a traditional mattress, alleviating the worry of allergen accumulation as your bedding ages. Here are some tips to prevent pesty allergens in your sleep oasis.

Hi-Tech Options

Treat yourself to triple-action cooling when you score our tallest, most cooling, and supportive mattress, with our Nectar Premier Copper 14" Memory Foam Mattress. The temperature-regulating materials draw heat away from the body as you rest, to create a cool and comfortable sleep surface. 

Time-Saving Low Maintenance

Imagine never having to turn or flip your mattress again. Our top-quality memory foam mattresses eliminate that need, are easy to clean, and won’t sag like standard mattresses. Save time for the fun things in life!

Budget-Saving, Long-term Investment

Memory foam mattresses have a better lifespan than other mattress types, lasting up to 10 years or more! Purchasing a memory foam mattress will not only help you sleep better but save you money by not replacing your mattress as often.

No matter your budget, we have payment plans that fit you as perfectly as your mattress. With 0% Interest options available and free same-day delivery, you can sleep better tonight! 

We are proud to meet and exceed your mattress and bedding needs at our convenient Mattress Firm stores near you in the El Paso and Las Cruces areas. Come check out our amazing collection of top-notch memory foam options. Our mattress selection is the best in the area, and we guarantee the lowest price by 10%, or it's FREE!
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