The Benefits of Adjustable Beds: Why They’re Becoming So Popular

The Benefits of Adjustable Beds: Why They’re Becoming So Popular

You might be asking yourself right now, why should I consider an adjustable bed? Maybe you don’t know much about them or that they are readily available as a popular bed choice. Let’s answer your questions and share the many perks that an adjustable bed offers.

Question: Will an adjustable bed improve my comfort while sleeping?

Answer: Do you find yourself stuffing pillows around your body at night to sleep more comfortably? With the ability to contour to your body, support your spine and reduce the pressure on various areas, the revolutionary design of an adjustable bed can provide increased comfort and even alleviate acid reflux while you sleep. These benefits can remove the need to continually shift your body and pillows during the night. 

Question: Will this type of bed offer relief from back pain?

Answer: Because an adjustable bed is customizable for each person and especially for two partners sharing the same bed, you can discover the optimal sleeping position for your needs and discover that it is the ideal bed for restorative sleep. The benefits of deep sleep can reduce inflammation, which is a factor in chronic pain.

Question: Is an adjustable bed a good choice if I need help getting in and out of bed?

Answer: If you struggle with limited mobility, the ease of adjusting your bed to your specific needs will provide comfort and support when getting in and out of bed. It’s like having your own personal bedside assistant at your fingertips. The good news is that adjustable beds are no longer confined to a hospital-type appearance. At Mattress Firm El Paso and Las Cruces, we offer attractive beds that will accommodate any home decor style.

Question: I have trouble breathing at times when I sleep. Can an adjustable bed help?

Answer: The benefits of elevating your head while you rest allows more freedom for oxygen flow and can relax your throat. During times of congestion and coughing, allergies or asthma, having the ability to keep your head above the rest of your body allows for more breathing freedom, which encourages good sleep. Our adjustable bed is the perfect solution, removing the need to prop up pillows in order to breathe during sleep.

Question: Can this type of bed minimize snoring? 

Answer: Whether it’s you or your partner that snores while you sleep, the noise of snoring can significantly disrupt a good night’s rest. The Mayo Clinic gives insight into why people snore, but while you are discovering the reasons behind the issue, let’s offer a solution that may alleviate the problem. Go here to check out the National Library of Medicine study on how sleeping on an elevated bed helps snoring. Our TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend Smart Base Adjustable Power Base offers unique advantages to the customer who snores. It takes bed technology to a new level and is available in a variety of sizes.

Question: Do I need a specific type of mattress for my adjustable bed base? 

Answer: Great question. The majority of modern mattresses will be compatible with an adjustable bed base but you will want to double-check whether your mattress will work when purchasing your new bed base. Our bedding professionals at Mattress Firm’s locations in El Paso and Las Cruces will be happy to show you which adjustable bed base and mattress option is the ideal fit for your needs.
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