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TEMPUR-PRObreeze° Medium Hybrid Mattress 2023

TEMPUR-PRObreeze° Medium Hybrid Mattress 2023

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All-Night Cooling. One-Of-A-Kind Comfort.

The TEMPUR-Breeze® collection pairs our all-new Pure Cool® Plus material with Advanced Relief™ technology to deliver unmatched cooling comfort and pressure-relieving support.


Your search for great zzz’s ends here. You’ll wake refreshed every morning with the proven all-night cooling and comforting pressure relief of the new Tempur-ProBreeze® mattress. More refreshing sleep starts with the removable, machine-washable and cool-to-the-touch cover. Its heat-absorbing fibers and Pure Cool® material regulate your body temperature for more revitalizing rest. Plus, the Ventilated Advanced Relief™ material increases airflow and helps ease joint soreness for the dreamy nights you’re after.



Feels Up to 5° Cooler
Cutting-edge cooling for all-night comfort


Pressure Relief icon image
Pressure Relief:

Pressure relief can alleviate aches, stiffness, pain, and sleep apnea by keeping pressure on the mattress consistent across the entire bed.

Ventilated Advanced Relief™

Ventilated Advanced Relief™ material helps lessen joint discomfort while increasing airflow for deeper, more restorative sleep.

Cooling Technology icon image
Cooling Technology:

Temperature-regulating components and materials draw heat away from the body to create a cool and comfortable sleep surface.

Pure Cool® Material & Ventilated Advanced Relief™

Pure Cool® material pulls heat away from your body so you sleep cool all night. The heat-diffusing layer works with Ventilated Advanced Relief™ material to absorb excess heat for an enhanced cooling effect.

Hypoallergenic icon image

Hinders dust mites from touching your mattress or bedding, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Motion Separation icon image
Motion Separation:

The goal of motion separation is to isolate movement, helping to reduce what you feel (like your partner tossing and turning) and offer pressure relief to your shoulders, hips, and back.

TEMPUR® Material

TEMPUR® Material adapts and responds to your body's natural body shape, promoting motion isolation and reducing tossing and turning.

Support icon image

Proper support from your mattress can alleviate common sleep problems from snoring to soreness to sleep apnea as it distributes your weight evenly across the mattress and maintains proper joint and spine alignment.

Breathable icon image

Breathable materials regulate body temperature and prevent heat buildup to create a cooler sleep experience.

SmartClimate® Cover

The patented, easy-to-remove (it unzips!) and machine-washable SmartClimate® Cover draws heat away from your body for cooling comfort.

Craftsmanship icon image
Hand crafted, with a focus on detail, to meet your specific needs ensures our beds and accessories are the highest quality.

Innovative & Inspiring

TEMPUR® Material isn’t like ordinary memory foam — or any other material on Earth. Originally created by NASA to cushion astronauts during space travel and perfected by our scientists for sleep, our technology provides comfort that no other material can match.

Adjustable Base Friendly icon image
Adjustable Base Friendly
Elevating the top and/or bottom of your mattress provides targeted support to help reduce snoring, provide pain relief and make reading and watching TV more comfortable.


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