Sleep Disorders and Mattresses: How the Right Mattress Can Help You Sleep Better

Sleep Disorders and Mattresses: How the Right Mattress Can Help You Sleep Better

Are you aware that poor sleep patterns, stemming from sleep disorders, can impact your emotional and mental health?

There are a myriad of sleep disorders, including insomnia, sleep-wake cycle disruptions, apnea, snoring, restless leg syndrome, and more, that can complicate your quality of life. Because sleep disorders are linked to both physical and emotional problems, it is critical to prioritize five-star sleep. How to accomplish that is everyone’s 64-million-dollar question.

Dealing with stress, anxiety, or depression?

Let’s explore the consequences of sleep deprivation on our mental health with this article from Columbia University's Department of Psychiatry. This quote, from the article, calls for our attention: “And there is now robust evidence similarly supporting that sleep is critical to not only our physical health but also our mental health. Poor or insufficient sleep has been found to increase negative emotional responses to stressors and to decrease positive emotions.”

Low-quality sleep can also lead to inflammation, which is now known to be one of the leading underlying causes of many, if not all, diseases. 

Let’s explore the science behind inflammation with this article’s quote from Harvard Medical School: “Sleep deprivation is associated with markers of inflammation, such as increases in inflammatory molecules—includ­ing cytokines, interleukin-6, C-reactive protein (a marker of inflammation that’s elevated in people at risk for heart disease and diabetes), and others— among people who weren’t sleeping well. While these signs of inflammation could be attributed to other fac­tors—stress, smoking, or obesity, for example—they do suggest that sleep deprivation plays a role in the inflammatory process. And they could help explain why people who sleep poorly are at risk for cardio­vascular disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, among other chronic conditions.” 

Are you tired of suffering from stress, fatigue, or lack of motivation due to sleep disorders, or just simply a lack of good rest? Desiring to avoid the end result of too much inflammation? We hear your pain and are offering the perfect solution to get you back on track with high-quality rest. 

The answer is found in a very easy and satisfying remedy. 

At Mattress Firm, we can’t promise to heal a sleep disorder, but we can set you up for better, restorative rest TONIGHT, that will recharge your body, ease your mind, and set you up for proper sleep success! Our stores feature a broad selection of top-name-brand mattresses and adjustable bed bases to address numerous sleep challenges, such as snoring, aches and pain from excessive tossing and turning, poor spine alignment, or frequent waking from sleeping on noisy, expired bedding. If you’re having sleep disruption from your partner’s motion, check out our recent blog post on “The Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses and Why They’re a Popular Choice” and allow our team of bedding professionals to help you select the ideal mattress or adjustable bed base to meet your needs and provides options for the stress-free, comfortable night’s sleep you’ve been longing for. 

No matter your budget, we have payment plans that fit you as perfectly as your mattress. With 0% Interest options available and free same-day delivery, you can sleep better tonight! 

We are proud to meet and exceed your mattress and bedding needs at our convenient Mattress Firm stores near you in the El Paso and Las Cruces areas. Our mattress selection is the best in the area, and we guarantee the lowest price by 10%, or it's FREE!
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