Keep Your Cool In Bed During This Record Heatwave

Keep Your Cool In Bed During This Record Heatwave

Choosing bedding and sheets to beat record-setting heat

The summer of 2022 is proving to be one of the hottest on record across the United States, and with that heat comes the challenge of staying cool—especially when you’re trying to sleep. Let us guide you through some simple changes to your sleeping arrangements that can help, all without changing your mattress.

Cooling pads

It’s easy to forget that your bed has two sides insulating you: your sheets on top, and your bed on the bottom. As easy as it is to forget, it’s still incredibly important for staying cool to think about what’s underneath you and on top.

Enter cooling foam mattress pads. While most memory foam mattresses and pads are very good insulators, meaning you stay too hot in the summer, there are some simple changes to the formula of the foam that can do the opposite. A mattress protector like the PureCare FRIO 5-Sided Mattress Protector is designed to provide cooling temperature regulation that helps keep you cool in the summer or with a partner who always seems to be keeping you too warm. And it does this at a fraction of the price you’d pay for a full mattress with the same cooling foam technology embedded in it.

Cooling sheets

Sheets designed with temperature regulation in mind are nothing new. Silk sheets have been prized for this property for millennia, but with modern materials you can have this same benefit at a fraction of the price silk sheets command.

Mattress firm El Paso has several solutions like the Healthy Sleep Cool-Tech Sheet Set that are designed for extra wicking and breathability in the heat, and can provide wicking as much as 33% better than cotton.

Cooling pillows

We’re all familiar with flipping the pillow over to reach the cool side. What if your pillow had a side that was always cool no matter how long your head has been resting on it? Well I’m here to tell you technology has caught up to your wildest midsummer’s night dreams with solutions like the PureCare SUB-0° Replenish Reversible Pillow. No matter how long your head is resting on the top, it will never leave your ears feeling like cauliflower that’s been cooked too long.

Bonus item: fans

This might seem obvious to some, but it’s easy to forget how big a difference a decent fan can make to your sleeping comfort. A basic oscillating floor fan not only lowers sleeping temperatures, but provides background white noise that can minimize sleep disruptions even when it’s not scorching hot outside.

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