Choosing the Best Bed Frame

Choosing the Best Bed Frame

How to choose the best bed frame

It’s no secret that a good bed frame can enhance the function of a mattress and improve comfort, but there’s a lot more to bed frames than walking into an IKEA and picking one out. This guide will help you with some considerations that you need to think about before buying your next bed frame.


First things first, decide on a budget. Bed frames can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on a number of different factors. So, think first on what you are willing or able to spend on a new one. This makes it much easier to sort out what options are best for you, especially if you’re using online searches where you can set a price range.


Next up is size. When considering this, obviously it is closely tied to the size of your mattress, but some bed frames take up a much larger footprint than others. The easiest way to decide on what sizes work best is to look at your existing bed frame and decide if you want something bigger, smaller, or the same size.

If you’re outfitting a brand new room, then the tape measure is your best friend. Look at the listed dimensions of what you’re planning to buy, or better yet if you can go to a store like Mattress Firm El Paso and see them in person, you can measure them out yourself, then measure the room they’ll be going in to get a feel for how much space the bed frame will take up.


Now we get to the fun part, designing a bed is a complicated task, and there are a bunch of different options. You’ll want to spend a bit of time feeling out what speaks to you best in the decor of your room. A stylish Midcentury Modern bed might be best for the master suite where you’ll see it every day, while for a guest room a basic steel support that leaves room for bins underneath is better.

Speaking of storage, bed frames are an often overlooked opportunity to make up some additional space for odds and ends. Cabinets or drawers built into the frame itself are an ideal place to store extra linens, pillows, and plastic totes are a great way to keep sensitive items free of dust and damage in a place they’re unlikely to be moved often and get damaged.

Overall, it’s really up to you. Your needs and personal style will decide for you what’s best! If you need additional guidance, the experts at Mattress Firm El Paso can help walk you through what options customers most frequently fall in love with.

Materials and construction

This might just be THE most important aspect of bed frames: what materials does it use and how does it get put together? 

It’s often much easier to move a bed that is delivered in pieces to its final place in the home, but it can be a bit of a hassle to assemble one yourself. Most people do opt for the semi-DIY style beds though, because moving anything bigger than a twin bed frame through a house in one piece is a job that requires a lot of friends, if you can get it around hallway corners at all!

Aside from that, the materials are also a big factor to consider. This is where a LOT of the budget goes in a good bed. While fiberboard construction is the most popular due to its low cost and favorable properties for manufacturing, it doesn’t tend to last as long as even lower-end solid wood furniture, and is much harder to repair when it breaks. 

If it’s in the budget, try to find a bed frame that is either solid wood, or steel. Both cost more up front but tend to pay for themselves with better longevity and resistance to damage from moving.

Headboard, or no headboard

Finally, ask yourself if you want a headboard. This seems obvious, but sometimes when you get a bed into place you realize that the window behind it makes it hard to prop yourself up on pillows to read at night. Or, on the opposite side, the headboard might get in the way of a light fixture or some other feature of the space that isn’t easy to move or remove. It’s a consideration to keep in mind any time you’re looking at options.


There are a lot of options out there and it can be frustrating to decide what works best for you. Let us help you find the best option by coming in to Mattress Firm El Paso to speak with one of our in-house experts today!

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